Personalized Christmas Stockings: Add a Special Touch to a Time-Honored Tradition

Add a Personal Touch to an Enduring Christmas Tradition With a Customized Christmas Stocking

A stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that children hang on Christmas Eve for Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus to fill with small gifts like candies, fruits, coins, and toys. In Western culture, tradition warns that a child who behaves poorly will receive only coal in their stocking.

Knit Monogram Stocking

The stocking is a Christmas tradition that dates back centuries to the story of Saint Nicholas, a generous Christian saint. Legend has it that he threw gold into the stockings of three beautiful daughters who couldn’t afford their dowries; their father was worried they would become destitute and be forced to marry poor suitors.

Regardless of where the ritual originated, it has since evolved into hanging an empty stocking for Santa to fill with toys, candy, and trinkets on Christmas Eve. Some families even use boot-size stockings to hold more gifts for each member of the household.

These stockings from XIMISHOP feature a classic red and white cable-knitted style and come with a personalized name tag. They’re perfect for families or anyone who loves the traditional look of Christmas stockings. The XIMISHOP Christmas Stockings also have a 3D plush polar bear character, which adds a fun and festive touch to any mantle. These stockings are made of high-quality materials and will bring a warm and cozy feel to your home during the holidays.


Stockings are an integral part of the Christmas holiday tradition. They are hung by children on Christmas Eve in the belief that Santa Claus will fill them with small gifts. The gifts are generally of a small nature, including toys, candy, fruits, coins and other items often referred to as stocking stuffers. The name of the stocking is usually embroidered on the front so that Santa can easily discern whose stocking is whose.

The popular legend of the origin of Christmas stockings tells of a noble man named Saint Nicholas who secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney of a recently widowed father. The contents of the bag were enough to provide a dowry for his daughters, ensuring they would be able to marry well. The father was so grateful that he hung the stockings for his daughters every Christmas. The stockings are made with durable red corduroy and feature a pretty felt holly detail on the cuff, toe and heel.

Size: 23′′ x 12′′

Stockings are traditionally hung on the mantelpiece to hold small gifts that Santa Claus is credited with bringing. They may be adorned with the name of each member of the household or personalized with their favorite things.

The most popular legend of why we hang Christmas stockings tells the story of a recently widowed father who couldn’t afford to buy his daughters dowries. Saint Nicholas, in his generosity, secretly slipped gold coins down the man’s chimney and into each daughter’s stocking.

The girls were overjoyed by their good fortune and the tradition of filling stockings at Christmas was born. Today, children around the world celebrate this tradition. For some, it means a nondescript tube sock pulled from dad’s drawer, for others it’s a boot-shaped stocking crafted from colorful wool and designed to fit every member of the family. Some families even stitch their own customized stockings. But no matter where they are hung, children of all nations know that when the stockings are up, Santa is on his way!

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Add a personal touch to an enduring Christmas tradition with this customizable stocking. Hanging stockings near the fireplace or at the foot of the bed is a beloved Christmas tradition for families around the world. Children of all ages look forward to the moment their stocking is hung and know that Santa’s arrival is imminent.

Whether you’re celebrating your child’s first Christmas or want to send your husband or wife a loving message, this custom stocking is the perfect way to show them how much you care. Your loved one will cherish this unique Christmas stocking for years to come.

Featuring a festive knit fabric, this classic white Christmas stocking is ready to be filled with all kinds of treats. The top loop is perfect for hanging, and the front features a red monogram accent that makes it easy for Santa to distinguish between everyone’s stockings. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Line dry. Made with care in the USA.

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