Finding Spiritual Connection and Deepening Faith Through Worship, Study, and Evangelism

The Church of Christ in Venice

In late medieval and Renaissance Italy, theologians continually emphasized Christ’s humanity. They welcomed visual images that stressed his human existence and particularly favored themes related to his earthly birth and death.

Bakhita understood that the hope born in her that had “redeemed” her was a gift she could not keep to herself. It had to be extended.

Worship Service

Attending church on Sundays is a great way to reflect, relax and strengthen spiritual connections. It is also an opportunity to meet with other members of the congregation who are working to become more Christlike. These weekly meetings are known as sacrament meetings and include songs, prayers and sermons.

Music is an important aspect of worship and music ministry helps people express their adoration of God through song. Music affects the brain in positive ways, promoting better thinking, memory and mood. The Choir provides musical accompaniment for weekly worship gatherings and special services outside of the church.

The salary range for jobs at Diocese of Venice is between $58,044 and $75,171. This estimate is based on self-reported data from employees, company filings, and other public sources.

Sunday School

As much as we value the worship service, we also want to offer an opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word. In Sunday school, you can learn the historical intricacies of a passage, how other people have dealt with it, and ways to apply it to your own life.

In addition to studying the Bible, Sunday School provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other Christians. As you interact with them, you will realize that you are not alone in your struggles. You will be able to plant, cultivate, and harvest godly relationships that will help you get through the hard times.

Each meeting lasts about two hours and includes songs, prayers, sermons, and taking the sacrament. We also offer a variety of classes for both children and adults. For more information about our weekly services and activities, click here to read the VCN Weekly Update. You can also join our email list to receive daily scriptures and stories that will inspire you.

Discipleship Classes

For those looking for a deeper spiritual connection with God and the church, discipleship classes are available. This 4-week course helps you to understand how God wired you and discover your gifts that you can use to build his kingdom.

These classes are offered throughout the year. They help you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and develop a deeper understanding of Scripture, faith and Christian living.

The Society of Missionary Discipleship, a new pilot program in the diocese, is designed to bring Catholic young adults together through prayer, community and service. This will be done through monthly full retreats that will provide spiritual enrichment, education in ministry and theology, fellowship and team-building, and participation each month in a type of ministry/service project. The group will also have access to online courses on evangelization and other subjects of importance.


The evangelization of the world is the primary mission of the church. This includes verbal witnessing undergirded by a Christian lifestyle, but also other methods in accordance with the Scriptures. All Christians are called to evangelize and should do so actively, faithfully, and prudently.

The Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error in all its teaching. It is the supreme standard by which all men should be judged.

We believe that every Christian should endeavor to bring industry, government, and society under the control of God’s righteousness and truth. This must be done in love, always remembering that ultimate loyalty is to Christ and His Word.

Christians should be ready to cooperate with all men of good will in the advancement of the gospel, when such cooperation does not conflict with the fundamental principles of the New Testament. This should be especially true in matters of conscience and the administration of the sacraments.

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