Chasing Dreams and Trash Talkers.

Slug Christ – On It (7 Grams)

Slug Christ, real name Chaz Bell, is a fixture in Atlanta’s DIY rap scene. His music evokes thoughts about God, existentialism, and drugs. He has a polarizing effect on people—some love him and others hate him.

He is signed to Awful Records and Blackhouse Records. His beats are sample-heavy and experimental.

Stalin Majesty

Slug Christ is an American rapper who has a unique style that blends punk rock, lo-fi, and experimental electronic music. His music is raw and honest, and he has a devoted following of fans. He is a rising star in the hip hop and trap music scenes. He is known for his grungy, raw sound and deep lyrics. On It (7 Grams) [featuring Stalin Majesty] is a song about the struggles of young creators trying to make their way in the rap world. It talks about the protagonist’s desire for success and his belief that he can achieve it through hard work and hustle.

Track has a BPM of 105 and is perfect for running, walking, cycling or spinning. Get the full lyrics and transcript on Genius.

Awful Records

When it comes to Atlanta-based hip hop collectives, Awful Records is like a well-oiled machine. The tightly-knit crew of mumble rappers, hazy jungle producers, and suburban misfits produce tunes faster than most can tweet. Their raunchy, oddball new sounds have earned them some of the industry’s most attention and accolades.

Lead by Father, a slap-happy rapper with a mumble delivery that swings between commercially viable and experimental, the crew is full of twisted party music. With other members like Ethereal, Lord Narf, and Faye Webster making noise, their sound is always evolving.

Over the summer, Awful signed a deal with Sony subsidiary RCA Records. Though some feared that the label might lose its idiosyncratic sound, it looks as though their unique approach will survive the transition. Nevertheless, the crew continues to produce wildly creative tracks, from the darkly ominous ‘Clinical JRPG Depression’ to the abrasive ‘On It (Seven Grams)’ collaboration with Stalin Majesty. Their sound blends punk rock, lo-fi, and experimental electronic music into a genre of its own.

Keyboard Kid

Whether hanging upside down from the rafters of a metal show or experimenting with instrumental rap beats, 8-bit music, and guitar songs about girls, Slug Christ is a man who lives outside the box. He has an equally polarizing effect on fans, referred to as Slug Christians, and critics alike. On his albums, themes like God, drugs, and existentialism run rampant. His 2011 concept album Phrenia told the story of an alien race that tried to achieve immortality by jumping into a volcano only to be recycled and reborn over again.

Seattle-based producer Keyboard Kid is a natural fit for Slug Christ, with his sample-heavy beats and adventurous spirit. His snare snaps offer an entry point for trap fans, while his airy synthesizer textures open space for Swag Toof to weave in their manic flows about getting their nails painted by daughters and drinking double cups of holy water. The two artists work together to paint a picture of a world filled with trash talkers and chasing dreams that come with a price.

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