A Lutheran church with diverse community, international missions, and a focus on worship and service.

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

The neighborhoods around Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church are filled with a wide variety of single-family homes. A nearby county park offers a challenging disc golf course and large ballfields.

The congregation has emphasized international mission, outreach, worship, education and global justice issues in their ministries and committee work. Their dedicated members also serve on regional, national and international mission trips.

Mission Statement

A community of believers sharing Jesus’ love through worship, service and strengthening families.

The LCMS is the world’s largest Protestant parochial church body, operates the second-largest Lutheran college system and is home to the third-largest Protestant publishing house, Concordia Publishing House.

The LCMS teaches that only through faith in Jesus Christ can sinners be saved. Upon His return, He will usher in God’s new creation, where sin, death and the devil will be eliminated forever. In the meantime, God calls His people to live for Him in this broken world by using their spiritual gifts to serve one another and their neighbors. God gives them strength through the Holy Spirit to accomplish this mission.

Worship Services

During both services, Holy Communion is served.

The church has a beautiful sanctuary with a pipe organ, a wood-carved Gothic altar, lectern and marble baptismal font. It also has hand-carved wooden pews and three leaded stained glass windows.

The choir is led by Nancy Brummerstedt, and a variety of musical talents are represented in the church’s worship services with special musical guests.

The sermons are thought-provoking and are designed to encourage people in their faith walk with Christ. LCMS members are welcome regardless of age, race, gender, educational level or marital status. All are encouraged to participate in worship and fellowship. All are welcome to receive God’s forgiveness and grace.

Sunday School

Sunday school, sometimes called church school or Christian education, is a program for religious instruction of young people. During Sunday school, children learn the Bible through storytelling, activities, games and discussion. They also learn about the basic Lutheran doctrines.

In the early days, it was common for church leaders to believe that a church needed both a teaching arm and a winning arm. They created Sunday schools to teach biblical truths and to win people to Christ.

However, a growing number of churches are finding that they need to create new models for their discipleship strategy. Intergenerational programs, educational moments during worship and a focus on service may replace the traditional Sunday school model.

Youth Group

Middle School and High School Youth gather weekly for fun, fellowship, faith exploration and games. They also study God’s Word during Youth Bible Study.

During the summer, youth are invited to attend the National LCMS Youth Gathering held every three years. This week-long event brings thousands of youth together for a time of learning, worship, service and fellowship.

Each year the Youth Group helps with a service project. This may include preparing and serving dinner at Gilchrist House or packing in the church pantry. They are also encouraged to participate in Teenserve a week-long servant event.

Women’s Group

We offer two Life Groups for women – Night Circle and Potter’s Vessel. Both groups have a flexible schedule and meet either in the church family room or in members’ homes. They focus on Bible study and support missions, both within our congregation and internationally. Night Circle also supports families in need from within our congregation and locally as needed.

We are part of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), a global Christian movement that proclaims “Jesus Saves,” and lives by the biblical teachings of grace alone, faith alone and Scripture alone. The Holy Spirit creates and sustains faith in God’s people. By God’s Word and Sacraments, He forgives sinners.

Music Group

Our New Creation Band is a group of talented local musicians who lead worship in our contemporary service. They offer music that varies from genres of contemporary Christian, gospel and jazz to rock, folk, bluegrass and traditional hymns. We also feature special musical guests on a regular basis throughout the year at our Rivertown Days parade, Hootenany and other community outreach events.

Our church is blessed to have an amazing pipe organ called Opus 30 with 966 pipes. This beautiful instrument helps to support and enhance the congregational singing during our Sunday services. The adult choir sings literature in a wide variety of styles and leads in worship on a regular basis and for holidays. This choir is open to all adults who can read music.

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